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6 Female behaviors that men just love

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Published by Admin in HEALTH & BEAUTY


A woman is the most wonderful gift for a man. She cares you,give affection to you and also make you angry. There are some female behaviors that make a guy angry. Such as "1000 calls per an hour, acting like a baby while doing something,taking hundreds of selfie,doing shopping too much,etc". According to men, women doing lots of things that men make angry, but there are also have some female habits that men really love even he don't know about him self.

From this article we give some knowledge about female behaviors that men really love secretly.


1- Her head on his chest.

When a woman puts her head on men chest, they love it and also they feel as they are giving protection for their partner.


2- Plays with his hair while he is driving.

This is not only a physical pleasure,but also men get the caress as a feeling of affection,love and bond with the partner.


3- She praises him on Facebook.

There is nothing than for a man when he get praises on public.


4-She listnen to him carefully.

This habit make a guy to love.


5- When she is busy with friends but also send him texts and calls him.

Guys love it when women miss him among the friends and also when busy.


6- Affection in public

When girl hold his hand in public and also correct his hair in checkout line that make man's heart beats faster.

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