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  • Facebook is hiring engineers to build a mind-reading social networt

    Facebook has announced that they have some interesting job postings right now.

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a dream of creating gadgets that let people talk to each other by reading their minds.

    Secretive hardware research division at Facebook is developing “brain-computer interface” technology that sounds a lot like the mind reading and telepathy of science fiction movies.

    The recent job posting was for this. Facebook’s Building 8 group describe a hardware project involving “neuroimaging” and “electrophysiological data” to create a “communications platform of the future.”

    All of the jobs are listed as temporary, They will be hired on a two-year contract to work on “advanced BCI technologies.” that will involve using computers and artificial intelligence to work with “neuroimaging and electrophysiological data”.

    Many of these jobs require a PhD in neuroscience, computer science, physics or a type of engineering. If you’ve a PhD in above fields this opportunity could be for you.

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