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Half Moon on Your Palms Reveals This About Your Peraonality

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Published by Admin in HEALTH & BEAUTY


Half Moon on Your Palms Reveals This About Your Peraonality..


You may have heard about tarot cards and astrology,apart from these ways there are few ancestral basis that show people's future and inside their persanality. One way is palmistry. Yes, the word may relate you. It is all about study of palms and lines on it.

All the palm line whether big,small,thin,thick are useful to determining all about your life. Similarly,heart line that take half-moon shape on your palm also say alot.

Now see what they are?


• What the heart lines in palmistry can tell?

From studying about palmlines in order to tell things about your marriage, future, career, success and chances of going abroad of a certain person. The heart line is base of the small finger, if both of the palms are brought together you can see a certain pattern. Half-moon can be formed.


• What does the heart line signify and what other shapes have?

Having half-moon line that means your mind is very strong and have a charming personality. You are a self-asserted person and inscribe for love. You can control all situations that you face. Also the line indicates a great and successful marriage.

Some people don't have half-moon on their palms. But have straight lines. It means that they are calm and gentle and love tackling situations and all in the smoothest way possible. If the on joined palms in discontinuos, it mean that you love all old things and mature people and also settle with a person who older than you.

Also those people carrying bluent lines always think about what others think about them.

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